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Makeup tutorial i get ready with me almost of shows my bare face got a lot of people asking if i can write a article or more articles about getting clearer skin because it is a huge problem that people struggle with it can be really hard and difficult to get out of that kind of acne pimples stage and start going in the direction of clear skin. I have had acne and zits ever since I was about 14 years old I got my period. When I was 12 so not too long after that I started noticing effects of a kind of hitting puberty and everyone told me that as soon as you hit like 16 17 18 it would go away and they were wrong. Daily I do so many things that help to keep my skin clear i’m very oily acne prone.

10 tips clear skin

I’ve kind of just always been like that so this series is going to have 10 tips each article talk about things you can start doing and talk about things you should stop doing these are things that worked for me. I don’t know if that works for everyone but they worked for me. I hope you enjoy this series i hope to put out a site like this every couple weeks.

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And we’re going to get started. This was something that was completely new to me. Usually when you think of a skincare routine you think a cleanse treat moisturize tone yo yo whatever the sequence in which you apply your product is important. Custom to your skin so you may have tons of products that are fighting acne that are great for oily skin but nothing’s really working the sequence in which you apply things so key to having clear skin believe it or not talking with lots of people they like to moisturize first and then use their acne treatment for me I like to acne treatment then moisturize.

Lots of people like two tone than moisturize an active treatment. I don’t like talking at all but honestly if you are using more than one skincare product really see about kind of changing it up putting on a moisturizer. First and then acne treatment isn’t going to hurt you and actually can give you better results, sequence is really important. I’ve had this for years this is a blue light by trophy skin they’re not sponsoring this site whatsoever and probably don’t even know what exists but blue light helps to kill acne bacteria so if I’m struggling with acne or something is going on.

I turn this on and i will put it right up close to my face great rate close and i’ll keep it there for like 20 minutes it goes deep into your skin. The light penetrates right through your skin and it starts killing acne causing bacteria. This is very much like a miracle product. Very similar to the tanda zap that is a blue light as well also really like to use this if I have some on my chest or my back it’s really easy it’s kind of like almost a lampstand and you can twist it and move it to different direction so it’s really easy to get it. Place wherever you need it to be but if you feel like products are not working go that much more intense and try blue light therapy for acne we’re going to step into the makeup part for a little bit I know lots of guys.

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Struggle with acne and if your guy watching video and you don’t wear makeup you can skip over this part this is the breeding ground for acne blow these makeup brushes need to be washed if i am using my foundation stippling brush more than two times there is something wrong. This has oil from my face this is contaminated by the foundation i’m mixing this all together there is Duncan my pores that have gone on this brush. Clean your makeup brushes if you apply foundation everyday have more than one stippling brush on hand so you can just kind of keep switching them out it’s really easy if you’re applying during makeup too dirty skin clean skin. You’re going to make it that much more dirty and it’s going to be like the perfect place for acne clogged pores and all that awesome stuff to arise clean your makeup brushes do it.

Also check out your old makeup just because something is in a compact its powder and you’ve had it for years and it doesn’t look gross does not mean that it isn’t causing acne problems it’s on your skin makeup has an expiry date and it’s not just because the makeup goes bad it’s because the oils in your skin putting it back in product putting it back on your skin on the product. That is what’s making the product like the perfect place for bacteria to grow and then you’re putting it back on your skin.

Check out your old makeup it’s not doing you any favors have you ever been that person that actually looks at the ingredients that you’re putting on your skin that’s in your compact makeup products foundations or concealers there I variety of ingredients i 100% completely. Do not use on my face I have to be really careful with covergirl l’oreal make up for ever be sure to look at your makeup products and see if there’s any of those type of ingredients that are in it because that could be actually causing your acne you all need to start eating walnuts.

Firstly walnuts are just absolutely incredible for you they are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids those acids target acne redness inflammation and they are a natural skin healer technically acne is a wound or sore and it is something that your body recognize.

This needs to be healed but if you’re not putting anything into your body that helps with the healing process is not going to heal so eating walnuts will take care of the acne you already have on your face and it will help prevent acne from showing up again drop Dairy. Dairy is hugely associated with acne pimples it’s irritation of the skin sensitivity of the skin your body already produces so many hormones that lead to acne and when you have certain types of milk and cheeses you are adding more home Lawrence Foreman’s half adding more horror.

Moans to your body and if hormones are added to your body it really shows up in your skin. Try doing the drop dairy dare challenge even if it’s just for a couple weeks and see if there’s anything that you see better in your skin also take before and after pictures because it can kind of be hard to see it over a long period of time change. But if you have one picture here one picture here before and after you can really see a difference I haven’t fully cut out dairy but i am replacing most my dairy with other dairy.

Free alternatives, my skin has been absolutely incredible Allah and you guys should also be eating cheerios. Cheerios firstly it’s just really good for you in a great snack and also i think it’s every serving of cheerios you have twenty-five percent of the link you will need for the day zinc is incredible at killing acne treating it preventing it I think will also help your skin not be as oily you can take it in pill form. But i like to take it in cheerio form I find that when i eat it in Cheerios my body.  Kind of sucks in the sink a lot better than if i was to take it orally like a pill zinc is firstly a huge cleanser to your system it’s kind of like a natural detoxifier so if you eat think it’s cleaning out your system.

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Taking out all the nasties within it so whatever is kind of lingering in your body that. It’s nasty the Cheerios clean that out so it doesn’t come through your skin. You know right in a nutshell zinc repairs damaged tissues and in turn heals your skin. Another tip please be patient with your product I cannot stand when people buy something and then a week later they decided that they hate it.

Your skin naturally takes about two months for it to recognize a product and to actually use that product for good in your skin now obviously if you’re using something and your face not just breaks out but it goes red and irritated and cracked in nasty. Please stop using that product but if you’re using it and you’re like oh I don’t see a change it. Please be patient and give it time your body naturally needs to become immune to things and become familiar two things.

So if you’re using a new cleanser moisturizer acne treatment give it time at least a month and see if there’s any good changes in your skin because your skin needs time. Add my last tip use berries on your face. Eating berries is actually really good eating berries is really to talk to find. It has lots of vitamins that will make your skin glow but putting berries on  your face is like a mask.

Oh my specifically raspberries raspberries has was that called  Allah genic acid I think that’s what it called that aspen is helping to prevent acne and wrinkles. So take some raspberries mash it all up put it on your face and let it sit for about five or ten minutes. Don’t let it sit too long because raspberries will kind of tint your face  a little bit.

It’s going to naturally clean out your pores is going to help with oil is going  to unclog pores that will somehow lead to acme if you don’t treat it. It’s going to heal the acne you already have on your face and it tastes so good. Anyway guys as my 10 tips for clear skin leave me a comment down below if you like this idea of a clear skin series i will like the articles below to all my clear skin tips every one really seems to like them.

The more I kind of look at the views on those sites and how they’re pretty high the more I realize oh so many people struggle with this. I want to continue making articles that help you guys anyway thank you guys so much for reading if you really liked this article be sure to subscribe and give it a thumbs up. Have a fabulous day I’ll see you later bye. yeah.. yeah..

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