Acne Laser Treatment Cost: Reviewing the Price and Effects

When dealing with bad case of acne scars, you may need to consider acne laser treatment cost compared to its benefits and effects. Serious acne scar cases definitely require better treatments than acne cream or homemade mask. Nonetheless, laser treatment is way more invasive effect than microdermabrasion or chemical peeling, for example. In addition, laser treatment may cause some side effects. Therefore, you must make sure that the money you spend for this procedure worth your pain.

Acne Laser Treatment Cost: Why You Pay Much

Acne laser is definitely one of the best acne treatments for men and women who can no longer treat acne with drugstore products. However, this treatment can cost a lot of money. In the US, one session of laser treatment at well-established, licensed clinic or dermatologist office can cost between $400 and $600. However, depending on the reputation of the clinic, it can also cost between $700 and $800 for basic procedure.

Acne Laser Treatment Cost

Acne Laser Treatment

The main reason why laser treatment price is so expensive is because of operational costs. All the money goes to doctor’s fee, the medical facilities, the equipment and materials, and the utility bill required to run the machine and tool. In addition, depending on the severity of your acne scars, you probably need to endure more than one procedure regularly until your skin looks and gets better.

Finally, laser treatment for acne scars can be expensive because insurance companies generally regard them as cosmetic procedure. That is why they are not qualified for coverage (different case when you do laser treatment to remove pre-cancerous growth, for example). In addition, you may need to invest time to wait for your skin to heal, which is another “loss” in your side. You probably need to spend extra money for special skin treatment.

Is Acne Laser Treatment Worth the Cost?

Considering the super expensive acne laser treatment cost you must spend, you need to ask yourself this question: is the treatment worth all the costs? To answer it, you need to consider the pros and cons of this procedure. First, the pros:

  • Laser treatment is safe and recognized. Laser treatment is not some shady procedure. It is generally regarded as safe and has minimum risks. The FDA (or similar authorities in other countries) also recognize laser as safe.
  • Laser treatment works fast and effective. Some acne scars are too severe or serious to be treated with cream and facial mask. Acne laser procedure works wonder in eliminating deep scars, especially those that cause noticeable indentions or “craters.”
  • The recovery is quick. Compared to other invasive procedures, your skin generally heals faster after laser treatment. This means you can go back to normal activities fast.

Meanwhile, here are the cons of laser treatment:

  • Side effects on the skin. The most common side effects on the skin after laser treatment are redness, irritation, itching, bruising, and hyper-pigmentation (which causes dark spots).
  • Long recovery period. Your skin becomes extra sensitive after laser treatment. Therefore, you should not expose it to sun or harsh skincare products and cosmetics. This means you need to take long recovery time to invest if you intend to have laser treatment.
  • Specific skin products. After laser treatment, your dermatologist may recommend some skin products you must wear. If you have specific skin condition that causes scars, you probably need to adjust and use special skin products permanently. This means extra hassles to find the products and even additional cost for skincare shopping.

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After considering these pros and cons, you can decide whether laser treatment worth it. However, despite all the shortcomings and the expensive acne laser treatment cost, this treatment works wonder and is definitely a safe, recognized option for removing acne scars.

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