Acne Natural Treatment Tips and Recipes with Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the most common ingredients for acne natural treatment. It is so popular that many beauty products, including those aimed for acne skin, are made of tea tree oil as the main ingredient. Aside from facial acne, how to get rid of acne scars on back can also use tea tree oil, whether directly, diluted, or mixed with other ingredients. Tea tree oil is also not irritating and can be used by people with any skin type, which makes it favorite for acne home remedies.

Acne Natural Treatment Tips and Recipes

Acne Natural Treatment with Tea Tree Oil

Acne Natural Treatment Tips: 3 Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can be used directly on the problematic skin area. After cleansing your face with mild cleanser, you can just dab tea tree oil on your acne, and leave it for 15 minutes before washing your face again. Alternatively, if your pimples are bad, you can just leave the oil overnight every day until your acne heals. However, you can also add other ingredients to improve the benefits for the skin.

If you want to try the most natural treatment first for the acne, you can try some simple recipes at home. Here are 3 acne natural remedies you can make at home using tea tree oil as the main ingredient:

#1 Tea Tree and Olive Oil Mixture

If you have dry skin and want to keep your skin soft and moist, you can mix tea tree oil treatment with olive oil. After cleansing your face with mild cleanser, apply tea tree oil to your acne and wait for 15-20 minutes. Afterward, immediately apply olive oil on top of those pimples or acne spots, and wait for 15 minutes. Use clean cotton swab or pad to apply the oil. Do it regularly until your acne heals.

#2 Tea Tree Oil Toner

Make natural toner from tea tree oil for acne if you feel that regular toner is too irritating. Here are the steps to prepare the toner:

  • Prepare 2 cups of distilled water and boil it with small heat
  • Put 2 tablespoons of dried herbs with good benefits for skin such as parsley, rosemary, chamomile and sage
  • After boiling, turn off the stove and let the water sits for 30 minutes
  • Pour into jar or bottle and add 10 drops of essential tea tree oil and 15 tincture drops of benzoine.
  • Shake well and store in the fridge
  • You can use it to clean face and neck, but throw it away after 3 months.

#3 Tea Tree Oil Soap

Use homemade tea tree soap as acne natural treatment with easy way. Here are the steps:

  • Melt 2 cups of ready-use glycerin soap base using low heat
  • After it melts completely, immediately pour 2 tablespoons of essential tea tree oil and stir the mixture evenly
  • Pour it into your mold and wait until dry
  • After the soap is dry, take it out and store in airtight container or jar
  • You can use this soap to wash your face twice a day when you have bad acne case.

If you are okay with regular beauty products, you can also mix tea tree oil into regular face toner, to treat your acne. If you have dandruff problem, you can also add several drops of tea tree oil into your shampoo.

Tea tree oil products are available widely at various stores. However, since they are made by manufacturers or pharmacy companies, you still need to look at the ingredients. Some are probably better for dry skin, while others are great for oily skin. There are also products that are good for all skin types. Nevertheless, tea tree oil mixture that you make at home is a great acne natural treatment for various skin types.

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