Best Acne Treatment for Adults with Mixed or Sensitive Skin

Having mixed or sensitive skin is usually difficult enough even without acne problem, but this happens to a lot of adults, perhaps including you. The best acne treatment for adults must be adjusted with the actual skin type, and if your skin is mixed or sensitive, the process of looking for perfect treatment can be a bit more complicated.

You need the best treatment that deals with acne and the scars without causing side effects such as irritation, dryness, redness, or severe acne breakout.

Best Acne Treatment for Adults: Choosing Sensitive Skin Products

If you have mixed or sensitive skin type, choosing the right product is a must. People with sensitive skin are generally suggested to avoid harsh products such as facial scrub and harsh facial soap or foam.

Acne treatment for adults has various options suitable for sensitive and mixed skin, such as:

Sulfur-based products

Sulfur is often used in specific acne treatment products. Sulfur acne treatment is available in various forms such as bar soap and facial foam, and it offers sulfur benefits without the smell. This product can reduce oil production, dry acne quickly, and peel the dead skin cells more quickly, resulting in quicker healing process and reduced blemishes.


Astringent products such as cream and gel work by reducing the size of your pores. This is useful if your face is super oily, since excessive oil production can trap more dirt in the pores and cause acne breakout. Astringent is usually prescribed by a doctor, and you are suggested to use this product with other treatments.

Benzoyl peroxide and retinoid products

Benzoyl peroxide minimize the risks for bacterial resistance. These products are not suggested for sensitive skin. However, if you have mixed or super oily skin in addition of the sensitivity, you may be able to use stronger products such as retinoid or benzoyl peroxide products.

They show faster reactions than sulfur or other suggested products for sensitive skin, but they are not suggested for long-term use.

You can use those produces if your acne is on the peak of its severity, but wash the product off after 30 minutes on your skin. You can get the benefits without hurting your sensitive skin.

Prescription cream and oral medications

Visiting dermatologist is the best way to treat your acne if you have really sensitive skin. You can go to the doctor if your skin develops acne breakout at the slightest provocation, such as cold, dry wind during winter or summer sweat.

However, when you are using prescription products, you may need to abstain from other skincare products, and only stick with the ones your doctor prescribes.

Choosing the best acne treatment for sensitive skin can be hard, but you must be careful if you want to keep your skin in top-notch condition.

What to Avoid from Acne Treatment for Sensitive Skin

There are several things, which you need to avoid when treating sensitive skin for acne. You need to avoid using too many products at once.

If you already have a string of over-the-counter products that work well, stick with those brands and do not use prescription medications unless you actually have severe acne problem. 

This is because using too many brands is likely to hurt your skin more. On the other hand, if you get prescription medications, stick with them and avoid using other products during the period.

You should also avoid using chemical peel, harsh soap, exfoliation scrub, and other rough products that will likely cause inflammation, irritation, and eventually acne breakout. 

The best acne treatment for adults, especially those with sensitive skin, is depending on moderation in using the acne treatment products.

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