Best Acne Treatment for Teens: Natural and Medical Treatment

One of the challenges of being teenager is the acne problem. Luckily, there are many options in the best acne treatment for teens. Since the main cause of teenage acne is the excessive oil production caused by hormone (not to mention the tendency to skip proper skincare), all the treatments and skincare regime must be focused on controlling the oil production, reducing bacterial activities, and keeping the skin pores from being clogged with oil and dirt.

Some parents do not like the idea that their teenage kids using too many chemical products. There is a solution of how to get rid of acne scars naturally. However, proper skincare and even medical solution are also necessary, depending on how severe the acne case is.

Best Acne Treatment for Teens Natural

Acne Treatment for Teens

Best Acne Treatment for Teens: Proper Skincare

The very first step in acne treatment for teens is proper skincare. Many teenagers, whether boys and girls, are often active but neglecting proper skincare at the end of the day. They may think that such thing is only for adults. However, proper skincare is not only important to treat acne. It is also a preventive action for teenage pimples and the scars. Daily skincare does not need to be fancy, as long as it is done properly and regularly. Here is the recommended daily skincare as the best acne treatment for teens:

Wash Face Every Morning and Evening
Facial skin produces oil when we sleep, so it is important to wash face in the morning (it can also wake you up). Use warm water and mild facial foam. If the skin is rather prone to acne, use facial foam that contains 2.5% of benzoyl peroxide 2-3 times in a week (not every day since it can dry out skin). Repeat the procedure after coming home and before bed.

Wash Hair Regularly
While it seems unrelated to acne, dirty hair can stick on the face and transfer dirt to the skin pores. This is especially true when you are sleeping. If you have long hair or bang, it is important to keep the hair clean. If you do activities that make you sweat or dirty, tie the hair up or use bandana or head covering.

Use Moisturizer with Sunscreen
Moisturizer is great to keep the skin healthy, but make sure it contains sunscreen. Sunray exposure can aggravate any skin condition you may have. Choose light moisturizer specially formulated for teenager’s skin.

Aside from skincare regime, do not forget to eat a lot of nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruits, and drink water or juice instead of soda and other sugary drinks. Keeping your digestion system healthy can give benefits for skin and hair, too.

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Natural and Medical Acne Treatments for Teens

What if acne already attacks? You can use natural and medical treatments to try reducing the acne. Here are some medical and natural acne treatments for teens you can try first:

  • Warm or cold compress. This is a great “first aid” for pimple that comes suddenly. You can shrink the pimple size faster by applying cold or warm compress for about 10-15 minutes. Then, use ice pack or warm towel.
  • Apply potato slices or lemon juice. They are the best acne treatments for teens for the natural treatment group. It is because they are easy to get and don’t cause side effects. Potato slices are good to encourage acne recuperation without irritating it. On the other hand, lemon juice is great to quickly dry pimple.
  • Use product with 2% salicylic acid content. This kind of product is usually aimed for a slightly severe acne case, or people with acne-prone skin. Since salicylic acid can dry out the skin, use sparingly and only when the acne acts out.

If all these best acne treatments for teens do not work after a while, you may want to consider visiting dermatologist, so the problem can be solved from the root.

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