Best Scar Cream Products for Acne on Various Skin Types

There are times when home remedies are not enough to treat acne scars. Depending on the level of severity, you may need to invest in the best scar cream. This kind of product is now available widely at various stores, although some serious cases may require dermatologist-approved treatments. If your acne scars are a bit serious and cannot be removed with home remedies, you can try various products in the market. Many of them are very convenient: made to suit various skin types. Therefore, you can match the product with your skin condition.

Best Scar Cream Products for Acne on Various Skin Types

Image Best Scar Cream Products for Acne

Best Scar Cream for All Skin Types

If you do not know how to get rid of acne scars fast despite using all kinds of natural home remedies, try using scar cream to get better result. Here are some of the best scar cream products suitable for various skin types:

Clean and Clear Advantage

This is probably the most affordable scar cream you can buy at drugstore or supermarket. Clean and Clear Advantage helps reducing the appearance of acne marks. It contains salicylic acid and glycolic acid. The cream helps speeding up the recuperation of acne and reducing risks of prominent marks. With only $7 price tag, this is a good product for light acne scar problem.

Derma E Scar Gel

Derma E is a great option for scar cream if you are vegan. It is the choice if you simply want to use products that are totally animal-free, regardless of lifestyle option. The product does not contain paragon, sulfates or GMO ingredients. It also contains a lot of B5 vitamin. The price is about $20 for a 2-oz jar, so you can use it for a long time. This cream can help reducing the acne scar while moisturizing the skin at the same time.

Mederma Scar Cream Plus

Mederma is another affordable option for acne scar cream you can buy without dermatologist’s prescription. However, this cream is also commonly prescribed to treat certain skin conditions that cause stains. The scar cream is good not only to reduce scars, but also dark spots caused by sun. It is because it contains SPF 30. While the scar may not disappear forever, it can significantly reduce the scarred appearance. One tube of this cream costs only around $21.

Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector

If you use Clinique products, you should try Even Better. This dark spot corrector can be used by people with dry, oily, and sensitive skin. If applied regularly, this product can help reducing acne scar spots in several weeks. It costs a bit high, $50 per bottle. Nonetheless, it is arguably one of the best scar cream products in mid-range category, and from such familiar brand.

REM Glycol Lactic Face Mask

Although this looks like cream in bottle, REM Glycol Lactic Face Mask is actually a face mask. The product consists of natural acids from various fruits such as passion fruit, grape, lemon and pineapple. The acids help reducing dead cell matters, reducing pore size, and speeding up the acne scar healing process. This mask should be applied evenly on the face and left for about 10-15 minutes. The face mask costs about $55 per bottle, but it will make your skin refreshed and glowing.

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation

This is the best cream for acne scar if you look for a product that can double as makeup. Oxygenetix provides both coverage and qualities to heal acne scars. It contains moisturizer, glycerin, grape seed, green tea extract, and oxygen. These ingredients keep the skin healthy while reducing acne scars and preventing breakouts. This is a great scar cream if you cannot avoid wearing makeup every day, but do not want to aggravate the acne breakouts. It costs $66 per bottle, but there is bonus: you can use this even if you have Rosacea and eczema.

Murad Post-Acne Lightening Gel

Finally, this is the best scar cream if you want to reduce discoloration and prevent breakouts at the same time. Murad contains an active ingredient called hydroquinone, but in controlled amount. Accordingly, you can reduce dark spots that may come after the acne scars heal. The result is smoother skin, fainter dark spots, and breakout-free skin surface. It costs $60 per bottle. However, it is a good investment to make if you want to be scar-free from acne breakouts.

These products can be purchased even without prescription. So, you can try them first and see if they work, before actually going to the doctor. Not all acne scar conditions can be treated with natural ingredients. Therefore, if they do not heal fully, invest in the best scar cream products to get smoother skin.

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