Best Treatment for Acne Scars Recommended by Dermatologists

When your acne heals but leaves severe scars, you need the best treatment for acne scars recommended by dermatologists. Natural remedies and cheap grocery store cream may be able to treat light scarring product. However, some people simply have certain skin conditions that do not allow acne scars to heal completely. Some of the best products for acne scar can work wonder (especially the expensive ones). However, sometimes you need special procedures to treat severe scars.

Thankfully, medical technologies now have found various legit procedures to treat acne scars. When regular products or natural remedies can no longer work on your acne scars, talk to your doctor about having special procedure.

Best Treatment for Acne Scars Recommended

Best Treatment for Acne Scars

Best Treatment for Acne Scars to Get at Clinic

There are several possibilities your dermatologist may offer for acne scar treatment. You can choose them depending on the severity, your actual skin condition, and other factors. Here are some common treatments to reduce severe acne scars:


This treatment is very popular and available in many skincare clinics around the world. Dermabrasion is basically an upgraded version of skin exfoliation. During the process, the therapist uses a type of rotating exfoliation brush to scrape off dead skin cells. The exfoliation particles are usually synthetic crystals. So, side effects include slight redness and tingling, subtle irritation. Usually, you are not allowed to expose your skin to sunray for several days after treatment. This treatment is not too invasive and usually yielding good result. However, you must repeat the treatments for optimum result.

Chemical Peeling

Another popular acne scar treatment method is chemical peeling. It is also used to remove dead skin cells and encourage the growth of new skin cells. However, instead of using small particles like dermabrasion, this method uses potent acid to remove the old skin cells on the surface of your face, encouraging the growth of fresh skin layer and reducing the scarred look. However, this method can also cause side effects such as redness and irritation. In addition, your skin will be more sensitive toward sunray and general skin products.

Rolling/Needling Method

This method is slightly more invasive than the previous two are. Your doctor or therapist will use a type of needle to stimulate the tissue underneath your skin surface. Therefore, a new layer of skin will be formed more quickly, covering the scar. Despite sounding invasive, this method does not hurt at all and is very common. This method has good possibility to work, but you may need to repeat treatment until you see the intended result.

Laser Treatment

This is the best treatment for acne scars if you are not worried about money. The method is less invasive than surgery. However, it is more efficient than peeling, dermabrasion or rolling. It is especially true if the acne scars are quite severe or leaving permanent dark spots. Laser treatment also has more permanent result. However, after treatment, your skin usually will be more sensitive toward sun exposure and skincare products.


Another invasive method, filling means the doctor or therapist injects soft tissue under your skin. The soft tissue type used can be fat or collagen. Once injected, it will fill the skin, making the scar looks less prominent and noticeable. The result is shown quickly, and you will see immediate result. However, since the result is temporary, you will need to repeat the procedure every few months.


Botox injection can be used if the skin around your scars wrinkled and puckered. By injecting botox under the skin, the method will immediately make the scar looks less noticeable. As a result, the skin around it smoother. While the result shows immediately, you will have to repeat the procedure every several months. You need to get this treatment from reputable clinic and dermatologist for the best, risk-free result.

Energy-Based Treatment

High-tech treatment is among the best treatments for acne scars. It uses advanced technology, increases the possibility of success, and reduces the risk. Currently, radio frequency and pulsed light therapies are very common in renowned skin treatment clinics. They are not invasive or destroying skin surface like dermabrasion and chemical peeling, resulting in fewer side effects post treatment.


This is usually the last option when the other previous methods are not working. Surgery is the most invasive procedure here. In erasing acne scar through this method, the doctor usually uses two methods: either cutting the affected area and using skin graft to cover it, or loosening fibrous layer under the scar to soften the appearance.

Each person may have different option of the best treatment for acne scars. Therefore, discuss this thoroughly with your doctor before signing up for one of the treatments.

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