Chest Acne Scars Home Treatment: Tips to Take Care of Skin

Acne can grow anywhere on your body, including on the chest, and chest acne scars are as unsightly as the ones on face or back. Just like back and face, chest area is also often exposed to elements in some ways; it can be exposed to heat, dirt, oil, sweat, UV ray, and many other elements that cause skin problems. When acne breakout happens on chest area, it can be hard to remove the scars, and you must apply careful skincare regime in other to remove them.

Chest Acne Scars Skincare Regime at Home

There are many methods of how to get rid of dark acne scars, including on chest, but proper skincare is still the main factor to return the skin condition to normal. Since your chest is often exposed to elements, sweat, dirty fabric and such, you must use proper skincare to avoid having permanent dark scars on the surface after acne breakout. Here is chest acne scar treatment at hometo avoid dark acne scars:

Avoid prolonged sweat

Sweat is normal occurrence, but if you let your chest wet with sweat for a long time, or don’t shower after sweating much, you will develop acne and increase the possibility of getting acne scars.

Sweat can trap dirt in your pores, resulting in fertile ground for bacteria. After doing something that makes you sweat much, shower or take a bath immediately. Also, do not wear sweaty clothes too long.

Avoid prolonged contact with fabric

Your clothes can make acne get worse from prolonged contact or pressure. When you have acne or acne scars that need to heal, wear loose and comfortable clothes. They will reduce friction, pressure and contact with the surface of the skin. This is also great to reduce the risk of chest acne scars.

Use sunscreen product when outside

If you wear clothes that expose your chest, wear sunscreen product. This is not just to protect your skin from skin cancer risk; if you have acne scars, exposure to UV rays will make the scars look darker and more visible.

Do gentle exfoliation when showering or bathing

Once the acne breakout stops and leaves acne scars, you can do exfoliation as skincare for chest acne scars. This is to remove dead skin cells on the surface of the scars, and make the scars look less visible over time. Exfoliation can also encourage the growth of new skin cells, covering the acne scars. Use body loofah, sponge, or body scrub to remove these dead skin cells. Do it once a week.

Use gentle, antiallergenic skincare product

Depending on the type of your skin, certain skincare products such as soap and lotion may aggravate acne, resulting in breakout and severe scarring. Use mild, gentle skincare product, especially if your chest is having acne breakout. Choose products that have hypo-allergenic or antiallergenic formula, with mild ingredients that will not irritate the skin and make the acne worsening.

If your acne scars are mild, proper skincare will help them healing faster. If your scars are considered medium to severe, visit a dermatologist for additional treatments. Nevertheless, proper skincare is still necessary to cure chest acne scars, no matter the level.

Other treatments for acne scars use indirect methods. Eating nutritious foods that contain a lot of vitamin A, C and E as well as several important minerals will help the skin cells to regenerate faster, making the acne scars heal better.

Regular exercise can also help reducing acne scars faster, because it helps increasing better circulation and blood flow, which are essential in encouraging healthy skin. Proper skincare and healthy lifestyle can help reducing chest acne scars even before you think of visiting dermatologist.

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