Do Acne Scars Go Away without Intervention? Common FAQs

When you get your first pimples, or experience acne breakout, it is natural that the first question you come up with is: do acne scars go away with time? If you avoid touching or scratching them, will they go away by themselves? The real answer can vary, depending on various things such as skin condition, the acne type, and even your age. The best acne treatments for teens do not always work on adults. On the other hand, adult’s skincare products also aren’t always the best solutions for teen acne.

Worrying about the scars after particularly nasty breakouts is normal, so you need to learn about acne scars if you are prone to acne.

Do Acne Scars Go Away

Do Acne Scars Go Away and Other Common Questions

If you just experience nasty breakout, or want to know whether your acne will leave marks or not, here is some acne scar FAQ you probably have and want to know:

How bad can acne marks and scars be?
Acne marks usually result from hyper-pigmentation that happens because of inflammation. This usually leaves mild acne marks that will look less noticeable when the skin is stretched. However, if the acne is so bad, it can cause collagen damage in more noticeable scars.

Why do some people have deep scars and the others don’t?
There are various factors, which affect how bad your acne scars can be. These aspects include age, skin color, genetic, the skin oil production level, complexion, and the severity of the acne. Some people also tend to develop keloid, which is a bulging mass that leaves noticeable scars and need to be treated surgically.

Are there any external risk factors that can affect the acne scar recuperation?
There are some external factors that can affect how fast your acne heals with minimum scars. They include personal hygiene, sun exposure, stress, and environmental aspect (including pollution like smoke, dust, and chemicals in the water). Some topical or oral medications can even aggravate acne condition, depending on the ingredients and your body’s reaction toward them.

Do acne scars go away without being touched or disturbed?
It depends on the severity and type of acne scars. Not touching or disturbing the scars definitely helps with the recuperation process. Mild marks or discolorations may go away without any interventions. However, deeper scars resulted from damaged collagen need to be treated with special methods or products to disappear (or at least less noticeable).

Finally, the deeper and more severe the acne scars are, the more difficult they are to disappear without any marks. All you can do is finding acne scar solution good enough to leave the least amount of damage or marks on your skin.

Can You Speed Up the Acne Mark Disappearance?

Mild acne marks may disappear without any special treatments, but the process can take between 3 and 6 months. You need to protect your skin from sun exposure and harsh skin products to avoid creating new breakouts and aggravating the marks. However, you can speed up the recuperation process by using some topical products.

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For example, you may use products with collagen (such as collagen serum) or retinoid cream to speed up the process. You can also consume vitamin C and vitamin E. You may get them from nutritious foods and supplements. They help the skin repair its damaged cells and replace the old skin with new skin layer. This will make your acne marks less noticeable and even disappear.

In the end, the question “do acne scars go away” does not have exact answer, depending on various factors. However, you can always have solution to remove acne scars or marks with various methods and solutions.

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