Does Mederma Work on Acne Scars? Review for Mederma Scar Ge!

There are various acne scar gel products out there, but Mederma may be one of the most famous products among the cheap price range. However, does Mederma work on acne scars perfectly like its advertisement?

 While Mederma is indeed a famous product, its reviews in various websites are mixed. Some people reported success, while others said the product was failure.

Generally, Mederma is aimed for mild acne, back, and chest acne scars, but it can also work for mild burn scars, surgery scars, and even stretch mark (depending on the product). While it offers various product types for wide range of using, Mederma also has its pros and cons.

Does Mederma Work on Acne Scars Perfectly?

Mederma has been in the market for more than 15 years, and right now, its product range has widened to products such as overnight acne scar cream, Mederma with 30 SPF, and Mederma for kids.

Basically, Mederma is an acne scar remedy in the form of lightweight gel, which helps reducing acne scars and many other scar types. Mederma scar gel is recommended for mild scars only; making the scars less visible and reducing their bumpy appearance.

The main ingredients of Mederma include cepalin extract (taken from onion bulbs) and aloe juice. These natural ingredients have antibacterial function, and works by reducing uneven tone and surface of the acne scars.

They also help improving the appearance of the skin over the scars, making the surface less noticeable and more blended with the surrounding healthy skin.

In short, if you use Mederma regularly, you can get benefits such as:

  • Less noticeable acne scars and other types of scars caused by injury.
  • Even skin tone around the scar area.
  • Less prominent texture of the acne scars.
  • Treat acne scars without causing new acne breakout.
  • Reducing the prominent look of hyper-pigmentation caused by acne scars (usually in the form of dark spots).

  • Protect the skin from UV rays (only for the plus product with SPF 30).

Mederma generally shows significant changes in your acne scars after 10 to 14 days of regular using. This also applies to mild scars and stretch marks. Some people may show quicker result than others, depending on your skin reaction toward the product. While it seems like a good product, Mederma also has mixed reviews, with some people cited lack of changes and various side effects after using the gel, despite its claim as lightweight skin product.

Mederma Side Effects and Contra-Indications

While Mederma gel review is generally good, there are also various amounts of mixed reviews. General negative reviews for Mederma usually consist of:

  • Negative reactions on skin such as redness, irritation, and flakiness.
  • Drying effect of the gel, which is great to sooth pimples and reduce scar size but can make the skin itching, especially if your skin is already dry.
  • Some people noted that Mederma didn’t bring significant changes even after weeks of using it. Depending on the skin condition, it seemed that it could also cause worse acne breakout.
  • Mederma contains several natural ingredients, so they may cause certain allergic reactions. The best way to test it is by trying Mederma on a patch of skin, such as on the underarm. Wait for several hours, and if you notice allergic symptoms, don’t use the gel.

In short, despite the popularity and review, Mederma is just like any other acne cream or gel from similar price range. It has its own side effects, and some people with certain skin conditions may show different reactions toward the gel. So if you ask does Mederma work on acne scars, the answer is yes, but if the conditions are ideal, which is not always the case.

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