Hormonal Acne Treatment Methods to Prevent Acne in Adults

When you keep being plagued by persistent acne despite already being an adult and having good hygiene, it probably means that you need hormonal acne treatment. Acne is generally a condition related to poor hygiene and being a teenager. However, when you are already adult, you can still be plagued by acne. It is not always because of poor hygiene. Hormonal imbalance is a factor that can make adults plagued with constant acne. Consequently, various side effects such as low confidence and extra spending for the best treatment for acne scars will prevail.

Natural Hormonal Acne Treatment

Natural Hormonal Acne Treatment

Hormonal acne may be attributable to several risk factors. Teenagers usually get acne because of normal hormonal changes. However, adults can experience hormonal imbalance because of several risk factors. They include unhealthy foods, unhealthy lifestyle, consumption of certain medications, and age-related condition such as menopause.

Hormonal Acne Treatment: The Importance

Before you choose the type of treatment, you must know whether your acne is actually hormonal or not. You also need to know what is the underlying cause of hormonal adult acne. Generally, your acne may be hormonal if it appears on areas such as chin, around the mouth, and jaw line. In addition, hormonal acne often does not just appear as small pimples, but in cystic form. This can be very prominent, painful, and embarrassing at the same time. Both men and women can experience hormonal acne. However, it can be more prominent and frequent in women due to factors such as menopause and menstruation.

However, aside from natural stages of life such as menopause and menstruation, there are other possible causes of hormonal imbalance. They can be because of genetic factors, toxin, unhealthy food consumption, medications or supplements, consumption of birth control pills, stress, and health conditions such as hyperthyroidism. The best hormonal acne treatment must be based on the exact cause. You can find it with the help of doctor.

Hormonal Acne Treatment Options and Solutions

Based on those notions, here are several possible methods of hormonal acne treatment:

Eat healthy foods to balance hormone

Healthy foods are good to support various bodily functions, including your hormone. Consume more healthy (and, if possible, organic) foods, especially the ones that contain nutrition to regulate hormonal balance. Vitamins, zinc, calcium, iron, chromium, magnesium, and various antioxidants such as in colorful fruits and vegetables are important to keep hormonal balance.

Consume supplements to neutralize estrogen/androgen productions

When your body experiences hormonal imbalance that causes acne, you can counter it with supplement that works as hormonal acne treatment. Such supplement works through several ways, from regulating hormone production to flushing out “bad” estrogen/androgen hormone from the body. These kinds of supplements are, such as, Vitex or DIM.

Apply stress management techniques

Constant stress results in the production of cortisol. In the long run, it can cause hormonal imbalance and wreak havoc on your health, including acne. If you can apply stress management techniques, from more regulated life schedule to meditation and enough sleep, you can counter hormonal imbalance caused by chronic stress. In the end, this will help you managing hormonal acne.

Consume natural ingredients with anti-androgen quality

Women who experiences hormonal imbalance usually have it because of excess androgen production. This process results in more oil production that blocks the skin pores. There are some natural remedies that act as treatment for adult acne, because they are believed to control androgen production. Ingredients such as green tea and its extract supplement, pumpkin seeds, licorice extract, pumpkin seed oil and spearmint tea are natural ingredients with androgen balancing function.

Have good night sleep

We tend to neglect the need of good sleep. This is especially true during this modern era when technology can disrupt human’s natural sleep cycle. This can result in hormonal imbalance and increase the risk of hormonal acne. Good night sleep can be a good hormonal acne treatment. In addition, you will get other benefits from catching up with your beauty sleep schedule.

Check your health condition regularly

Regular check up is an investment. Since some hormonal imbalance cases can be caused by certain health conditions, having regular check up helps with early diagnosis. You can also go to the doctor for health screening if natural remedies, acne medications and the previous methods fail to cure your acne.

Hormonal acne is caused not only by the condition itself. It roots in various causes and can be different between individuals. If you suspect yourself of having hormonal acne, make sure to choose the right hormonal acne treatment. Finally, have healthier lifestyle to keep the skin in prime condition.

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