How to Get Rid of Deep Acne Scars for Darker-Skinned People

People who have natural dark skin, such as those with African or Asian descent, often look for how to get rid of deep acne scars in more effective ways. This is because people with naturally darker skin tend to have more oily skin type. The oilier your skin is, the easier it becomes to suffer from acne breakout. If the acne outbreak is too severe, it is easier for people with darker skin to get deep acne scars. The solution often involves a visit to dermatologist for acne, but you surely cannot visit the doctor every day.

If you have naturally darker skin, there is high risk of getting acne breakout and acne scars. Knowing the best way to treat acne scars on dark skin will help you achieving better, healthier, and smoother skin.

How to Get Rid of Deep Acne Scars for Darker

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How to Get Rid of Deep Acne Scars with Natural Treatment

People who have natural darker skin, such as those with African, Melanesian or South Asian blood, can suffer from various skin problems. Beside the oily skin, skin problems can also come from razor bumps. They can happen because the cut facial hair curled back and pinched the skin, resulting in small, painful bumps. Discoloration also becomes main problem. Deep acne scars can turn into discoloration that is hard to treat even after the acne breakout is over.

Natural treatment is the best way to protect your skin from acne and deep acne scars that result. Aside from daily wash with mild facial foam and using sunscreen product, there are several natural home treatments you can try for your darker skin, such as:

Almond Exfoliation

Once you get over the acne breakout, but still have problems with deep acne scars and discolorations, try almond exfoliation. Soak several almonds in water overnight, and the grind them into slightly rough paste. Use it to scrub over the acne scars or discolorations. Do it every 1 or 2 weeks.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is recommended as acne scar treatment for dark skin. However, it is also good to speed up the healing of actual acne. Tea tree oil is great for all skin types, so people with darker skin can use it often. Simply dab tea tree oil on affected area regularly (don’t forget to wash the face first). You can do it every day since tea tree oil will not irritate your skin.

Honey, Aspirin, and Olive Oil Paste

Aspirin may sound like unlikely solution for acne and acne scars, but it can quickly dry out big, painful pimples. Mixing aspirin with honey and olive oil will heal big acne or razor bumps quickly. In addition, the honey and olive oil will keep your skin from drying out. Simply crush 1 aspirin and mix it with a spoonful of honey and the same amount of olive oil. Apply to the skin once a day until the acne dries out and you see the difference.

Honey and Oatmeal Paste

This paste is great if the acne scars cause discoloration on your skin. Simply mix the equal amount of honey and oatmeal, and rub this paste to exfoliate your skin gently. Leave it for 10 minutes before washing. The soft exfoliation helps reducing discoloration from acne scars without irritating your skin.

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Depending on where you live, many skincare products available may be a little more irritating for your skin. For the safest option, choose products with mild formula (unless your skin is super oily and suffers from heavy breakout because of this). How to get rid of deep acne scars in darker skin requires a little more efforts and consistence. However, you will not regret the result.

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