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Antibiotics for Acne: Topical and Oral Options and Risks

Antibiotics is a popular medical treatment for acne, particularly for severe cases. Doctors commonly prescribe antibiotics for acne that may leave scars, since it can help kill bacteria, which cause acne on the surface of your skin and in the follicles. In addition, antibiotics have anti-inflammatory propertis that reduce redness and pimples.In general, there are two

Cystic Acne Treatment: Homemade Recipes with Turmeric

Acne is one of the most common and annoying problems among men and women. Cystic acne, particularly, leaves unpleasant look. The good news is that cystic acne treatment is not necessarily expensive, as there are many natural home remedies to help remove the scars.  In addition, acne breakout can be made worse by excessive sebum production.

Sulfur Acne Treatment for Sensitive Skin: Benefits and Risks

Treating acne becomes more difficult if you have sensitive skin, but luckily, there are methods more suitable for such skin types, such as sulfur acne treatment. While it sounds a little deterring, sulfur treatment is very common and even advised for mild to medium acne problems. Just like antibiotics for acne, sulfur acne products can be obtained